New nomination

Watch model “Camomile“ is nominated for the German Design Award 2018

new nomination watch model camomile as luxury watches

Since its first presentation at the Baselworld 2017, the watch model “Camomile“ is more popular than ever. Only 5 pieces were produced and completely sold out during the Baselworld Fair.

The main feature of this watch is the special dial. For the first time new different technologies have been applied as hand engraving, laser engraving and manual enamel coating in order to get a fascinating three-dimensional look. First of all the contours of the flowers, the logo and the hour markers are marked by laser beams and deepened. Then, all details of the flowers are carefully engraved by hand and mated. After this work different enamel colours can be applied also by hand. The final rhodium and gold plating refines the surface of the dial. Afterwards the indexes are applied. Now, the dial shines in the perfect and inimitable “Alexander Shorokhoff”-style.

Thanks to the huge demand, further versions of this model are already at the planning stage. Only a few companies are able to master this complex technology. Alexander Shorokhov developed this technology over the past years in order to combine the traditional art of hand engraving with modern colours.

This model not only fascinates our customers, but also an international Jury of design experts . Due to the outstanding design, the German Design Council has nominated the watch “Camomile” for the German Design Award 2018 in the category “Excellent Product Design”.

We will keep our fingers crossed!