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The Heritage collection is dedicated to the Russian art and cultural heritage of the 19th century.
It combines classic design with exceptionally creative forms and colors, but also with traditional engravings, skeletonization, enameling and methods of refinement that are designed inimitable and elaborately.

Inspired by Russian and European art and culture, the Avantgarde-collection continues with the tradition of Avantgarde-art and suprematism of the 20th century with individual, matchless and artful designs of wristwatches.

“Vintage“ watches represent an individual collection within the Avantgarde-series of the “Alexander Shorokhoff“ watch manufacture and are manufactured in the same style. Their particularity: They are fitted with historic and no longer manufactured Russian movements.

The products of Alexander Shorokhoff are an insider’s tip among watch enthusiasts.
The independence and uniqueness of the design ensure recognition in the world of watch making, therefore it is no coincidence that since 2014 the watches are honored every year: The model “Miss Avantgarde“ in 2014, the “Babylonian I“ in 2015, the “Barbara“ in 2016 and the watch “Winter“ in 2017. The watches are well-known by watch enthusiasts and are in demand worldwide so that the limited edition sold out quickly. The value of the individual pieces is increasing because our watches are perceived not only as timekeepers but as “Art on the Wrist“.