Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur


Your personalized watch

For many years the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufactory is developing and producing watch lines in strictly limited editions as well as extraordinary unique watches. The highest level, without a doubt, is the development and production of skeletonized watches with individual initials.

The AS manufactory has the opportunity to implement customers individual and unique design wishes. The customer can choose the style of the letters the manner of the engravings and the extent of skeletonizing and refining of the dial and watch movement. Furthermore the material for the case and the leather strap or bracelet can be selected as well.

The production process

After selecting all components for a personal watch with initials, the production can be started. No matter if skeletonizing, guilloching or engraving – all this work requires a great deal of time, precision and concentration. It takes many hours, sometimes even days for the engravers to unveil the soul of the metal and to create an exclusive and unique engraving pattern.

After the engraving and the refining process, the watch is ready to be assembled. More than 100 small parts have to be put in place, a job that cannot be done without love and precision the main elements to create a handmade manufacturer-movement.

The love to detail, the excellent hand engraving, the special skill of the watchmakers and you imagination will shape a movements of esthetical beauty. Some of the parts as cases, straps or hands are purchased from well-known suppliers.

personalized watch
personalized watch

One watch maker is dedicated and responsible for the unique timepiece from start to finish. After a trial run the watchmaker signs the warranty certificate. It takes about three months until the design is worked out, the dial and movement are skeletonized, engraved and refined and the watch is assembled and tested.

We also have the possibility to manufacture custom-made watches starting from engravings up to an own individual dial design, since individual steps are performed in-house and the collaboration with renowned and selected partners enables us to produce small series as well.

This watch cannot only measure time, it tells a story. A story about imagination, passion, love and art. A beautiful timekeeper that will last for many generations.

personalized watch
personalized watch


Dear Grande Maestro Shorokhoff,

I am very impressed, very amused.

You are true Master of Fine Art like Ademars, Breguet, Vacheron and Patek.

Advise You send photos to Hodinkee with article on hand art paintings and engraving You can do, to reach wast audience in demand.

Today the only customisation available is leather strap, but with your dial it is immense upgrade. For watch today is basically the same as automobiles at the beginning

of the last century, it is the same tradition, to make engine platform by large factory but carosserie by Artist like You.

Thank You for this eternal piece of Haute Horlogerie.


Dr.iur.Dr.phil. Vladislav V. Mudrych, CFAM

P.S. Place my letter on clients comments* on Your creations.