Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur

Art on the Wrist

Art on the wrist: Independent conveyance of perception, inspiration and emotions via unique and creative expression in form of a watch. To us, a watch is not only a timepiece – it is a window into our soul where creativity comes true.

With exceptional and creative design of our three collections Heritage, Avantgarde and Vintage combined with noble engraving and manual craftsmanship, we attract attention around the world. Watches from the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture are limited works of art of highest precision.

The classical HERITAGE line convince with models like “Tolstoi“, “Alexander Pushkin“, “Tchaikovsky“ and “Dostojevksy“, which is dedicated to the Russian art and cultural heritage of the 19th century. It combines classical design with exceptionally creative forms and colors, but also with traditional engravings, skeletonization, enameling and methods of refinement that are designed inimitable and elaborately.

The AVANTGARDE collection concentrates entirely on design: Following the Russian Suprematism and inspired by Russian and European art and culture of the 20th century, the watches provoke with their exceptional design elements and unusual combination of forms and colors. The Avantgarde watch models are made for individualists who express a modern, independent attitude towards life.

VINTAGE watches represent an individual collection within the Avantgarde-series of the “Alexander Shorokhoff“ watch manufacture and are manufactured in the same style. Their particularity: They are fitted with historic and no longer manufactured Russian movements that are being completely restored, modernized, artistically hand-engraved and partially manufactured new.

The entire team is committed to each and every watch with great diligence and dedication, in order to receive an in every respect qualitative and artful watch that retains its value due to its uniqueness.

Art has no limits, but it is art that can transcend boundaries.