Watch model Camomile is rewarded.

Watch model Camomile is rewarded.

german design award alexander shorokhoff

On the 9th of February, the winners of the German Design Award 2018 where announced in Frankfurt, Germany. Alexander Shorokhov and his wife were given the award “WINNER 2018” for the beautiful watch “Camomile”.
The jury statement is: “The Camomile is a handcrafted masterpiece of watchmaking and at the same time a small work of art of unique beauty. Its playfully colourful face with its various flowers/blossoms makes this timepiece instantly recognisable.”

But the watch Camomile has even more to offer: The dial combines different technologies as hand engraving, laser engraving and manual enamel coating in order to get a three-dimensional look.

The contours of the flowers, the logo and the hour markers are marked by laser beams and deepened.

Then, all details of the flowers are engraved by hand and matted. After this work different enamel colours can be applied also by hand. The final rhodium and gold plating refines the surface of the dial.

Thank you very much for this great honor!