19 / MAR / 2020

Dear watch lovers,

At the moment we are only concerned about one thing: the corona virus that is currently keeping the world in suspense. We shouldn’t take this lightly, but as my grandmother used to say, “Even that will pass.” As I know today, this was not just a statement of pure optimism, but a sentence based on great life experience and wisdom. What is important is that we show solidarity and protect our loved ones and all our fellow human beings. But it is equally important not to be discouraged in these difficult times.

In these times it is the little things of everyday life, the self-evident things, that give us courage and strength and which we all too often overlook in our hectic world. Be it an evening of games with our families, a walk, a simple compliment to our loved ones or the sight of our wonderful nature.

On such days of uncertainty, it is important to show gratitude for all the beautiful things in our lives that bring us joy and make our lives worth living. We also try to take this to heart and want to show gratitude as well. Thanks to all helpers in this crisis, to all brave people who support each other and try to master this situation bravely! Thanks also to the people who share our love for mechanical watches, who appreciate our handwork and who care about art. They are the reason why we can still do our work every day.

We, from the entire Alexander-Shorokhoff team wish you and your families, relatives and friends good health. Stay optimistic, take care of each other and stay healthy.

Yours, Alexander Shorokhov