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Alexander Shorokhoff wins the Otto-Wolff-von-Amerongen SME Award

Dear Watch friends,

The AHK Russia, German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade, which emerged from the Association of German Industry (VDW), celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 11th. With over 1,500 online viewers in the SAP Digital Leadership Center in Moscow, including VIPs from politics and business, the AHK congratulated the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce on a quarter century of German-Russian economic history.

An important item on the program of this great event was the awarding of the 6th Otto-Wolff-von Amerongen SME prize. The SME Award has been presented by the German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade AHK since 2009 and honors companies for their outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in three categories: German medium-sized companies in Russia, Russian medium-sized companies in Germany and particularly innovative SMEs in both markets. AHK Honorary President Andrea von Knoop gave a speech in honor of the influential entrepreneur Otto Wolff, the great “pioneer of Eastern trade” to whom the prize is dedicated.

With great enthusiasm and full of pride, “Alexander Shorokhoff” was able to stand out on November 11th as the winner, with the award “Best Russian SME in Germany”, and received the 6th Otto-Wolff-von-Amerongen SME Award.

This is a further milestone in the direction of success for the “Alexander Shorokhoffov” manufactory, which not only sees its goal of continuing to inspire people from all over the world with its creations as a promise, but actually puts it into practice. Congratulations!