AS – One of the most innovative companies in Germany

One of the most innovative companies in Germany.

Dear Watch friends,

This is the second time that Capital, together with the market research institute Statista, has honored Germany’s most innovative companies.

The evaluation was carried out for 20 sectors and industries ranging from the automotive industry and the financial sector to the communications and technology industries. It was noticeable that companies in the pharmaceutical and high-tech sectors in particular gained attention during the Corona pandemic. Two-thirds of the experts stated in the evaluation that the pandemic was boosting rather than inhibiting innovation activity in Germany.

And the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufactory is part of this select circle. Their innovative design and processes of manufacturing, as well as the materials used convinced the jury.

Representatives of innovation award-winning companies and members of the Statista Expert Circle were invited to take part in the survey. The online survey ran from November 9th to December 11th, 2020, and the votes of 3269 experienced executives in their respective industries were weighted. Only companies with their headquarters or a branch office in Germany were considered.

Participants were first asked to recommend companies that they considered to be particularly innovative in their industry. In addition, they were then able to supplement their selection with the help of a “longlist” of award-winning companies from 55 innovation competitions held over the past three years. Respondents were asked for their assessment of the areas of innovation in which the companies they recommended stood out: Products and services, processes, and corporate culture.

The partial results were weighted differently in the overall result: the number of recommendations with 60 percent, the evaluation of the three innovation areas with 30 percent and the evaluation of the reasons for recommendation with ten percent. The partial results were transferred into a five-star scheme: values in the second quartile correspond to three stars, values in the third quartile correspond to four stars, and all values above that correspond to five stars. The overall result is made up of the weighted partial results. As a result, 473 companies received four or five stars this year.