The model Levels is awarded.

Dear Watch friends,

Among many other awards this year, Alexander Shorokhoff has also won this year’s iF Design Award 2021 and is thus one of the winners of the world-renowned design label.

The award was given to the beautiful model “Levels” of the Avantgarde collection in the discipline “Product”, category “1.05 Watches”.

The iF DESIGN AWARD is presented once a year by the world’s oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover. The number of applicants brought a record turnout: The jurors had to award the coveted seal of quality from among around 10,000 submissions from 52 countries.

The model “Levels AS.DT-03-3” was able to convince the independent 98-member international jury of experts with its innovative and artistic appearance. Inspired by the different levels of the quilloché dial, the doubletimer automatic watch “Levels” has its name. One level represents the home time, while the next level represents the time at another place in the world. The third level shows the company logo, while the fourth level indicates the limited edition. The highest level is above the calendar window. A magnifying glass is installed on a raised bridge to enlarge the date. All levels are of different heights. The special design captivates the user in an emotional way and fascinates, polarizes and stimulates thought.

Ty Alexander Levels_IF AWARD
Ty Alexander Levels_back

The two automatic movements can be easily and independently operated with two crowns. The date can be changed by a quick switch, by pulling the crown. For the date, a magnifying glass was developed and mounted on a specially designed bridge.

This art object is additionally provided with a colored stripe and makes the watch look special and avant-garde. The combination of outstanding mechanical technology, function and art are combined here in one object.