Apart from peace, there is no alternative for me!

Alexander Shorokhov

Dear watch lovers and friends,

I would like to address you on the current drama in Ukraine.

We are far, very far away from politics and are in no way politically engaged.
Art and war are opposites, – that was and remains so.

We have been producing and living in our new home Germany for more than 30 years. Our colorful team from many nations of this world suffers with all the people, who are affected by the war.

I am also suffering. My mother is from Ukraine, my father was a Russian, my wife is also from Ukraine.
My blood and my heart are divided, just like millions of Russians and Ukrainians.

But I know very well: violence is not a means to solve problems. Except peace there is no alternative for me!

Let us be strong together in our hearts. Love and support is the greatest thing we can give.

Stop the war!

Your Alexander Shorokhov