Alexander Shorokhoff is introducing a label for the certification of specialty retailers.

Alexander Shorokhoff is introducing a label for the certification of specialty retailers.

To go with the times means to constantly evolve. As Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Starting from the year 2023, Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Manufacture is stepping forward with an initiative to open a new chapter in the relationship between the company and its esteemed partners: The “Certified AS-Dealer” logo is being introduced.

(Registered design of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufactory)

Annually, selected specialty stores, distributors, and virtual marketplaces are honored with this new emblem. The significance behind the “Certified AS-Dealer” logo goes beyond mere aesthetics – it is a commitment, a seal of quality and authenticity, thoughtfully bestowed by Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Manufacture.

The awarding of this coveted logo follows a stringent set of criteria established by Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Manufacture itself. It is not just an accolade but a testament of trust to our valued customers. It speaks of a profound commitment to the highest standards, both in product selection and the service quality of specialty stores. This seal is a declaration of the passion and expertise embodied by each distribution partner.

When the end consumer encounters the “Certified AS-Dealer” logo when purchasing an “Alexander Shorokhoff watch,” they know that they are not just acquiring a timepiece but also establishing a connection to a network of professionals and enthusiasts who share the same passion for horology. This accolade serves as a bridge between the brand, the distribution partner, and the consumer, providing assurance for their purchase and serving as a reminder that quality and authenticity always come first.

Several specialty retailers have already been awarded the “Certified AS-Dealer” logo: https://en.alexander-shorokhoff.de/authorized-retailer/

In a world where trust and credibility are invaluable, the introduction of the “Certified AS-Dealer” logo opens a door to a new level of trust with both end consumers and specialty stores. It not only signifies our commitment to excellence but also our appreciation for the partnerships that accompany our journey.

Welcome to an era of trust – welcome to Alexander Shorokhoff.