Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur

Alexander Shorokhoff x Florian Bach

Alexander Shorokhoff x Florian Bach @flomp89

A personal gem for the wrist.

The watch for watch blogger and YouTuber Florian Bach is a true masterpiece of watchmaking art. It is a custom-made chronograph caliber 3133 with manual winding, equipped with a unique dial with diamond dust.
The dial of this exceptional watch is covered with tiny diamond dust particles, which reflect light in a fascinating way and give the dial a sparkling, almost magical shine. The diamond dust has been intricately applied to the dial using a special process and placed in an artistic arrangement that perfectly accentuates the chronograph function. The grid over the diamond dust gives the watch a “cool” look.

The watch itself is equipped with a hand-wound chronograph caliber 3133, an extremely precise and reliable movement, carefully assembled and adjusted by experienced watchmakers. The movement is visible through a sapphire crystal caseback, which allows Florian Bach to admire the fascinating mechanics of the watch in action.

The custom-made watch for Florian Bach is not only a masterpiece of watchmaking art, but also a statement of luxury and exclusivity. Every detail of the watch was executed with the utmost care and precision to meet the high standards of Florian Bach, the well-known watch blogger and YouTuber known for his love and passion for high-quality and exceptional timepieces.

The diamond dust dial watch is undoubtedly a stunning piece of jewelry and an impressive example of the watchmaker’s art. Florian Bach is thrilled with this unique custom-made watch and wears it with pride. It is definitely a watch that can not only tell the time, but also tells a story and reflects his deep attachment to the fascinating world of watches.