Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur

Alexander Shorokhoff X Right Time Colorado

The family-run specialty store for mechanical luxury watches “Right Time Watches” from Colorado, is one of our long-time and valued partners, in America. Thus, a wonderful idea was born, which led to a remarkable collaboration: a special Colorado watch for the American retailer “Right Time Watches”, designed by Alexander Shorokhov.

The design of the watch was developed together with Right Time. Alexander Shorokhov understands the theme of design, colors and proportions. Right Time exudes the magic of Colorado and knows the history of the state. The result was a perfect symbiosis.

The main motif of the watch are the famous Colorado mountains, which were depicted in white mother-of-pearl. Often they are covered with snow, which beautifully reflects the white mother-of-pearl. The blue-green sky with the stripes – guilloché, creates a beautiful contrast with the bright mountains.

The second most important element on the dial are the aspen trees, which are very common in Colorado. They are decorated with gilded leaves. The production of these leaves was not easy, but AS managed to make them shine in high quality in a beautiful golden hue. On one of the aspens is engraved the name of the state of Colorado, and on the other it says “Made in Germany for Right Time”. This shows the exclusivity of the watch.

The third area, the back, is covered with diamond dust. This is also made in very high quality and is mixed with flowers in different colors. The diamond dust gives the watch a certain shine and a classy look.

The hour and minute hands are blued, and light blue or light green second hands complete the overall look of the watch. This makes reading the time easy and comfortable. The straps are selectable – either in a spring green or a winter blue. Both go very well with this watch. The straps are made of stingray leather and, as always, have a special AS-decoration on the back. The movement is a high quality automatic caliber from Switzerland, 2824.ETA. The rotor is hand-engraved, gold-plated and finished in the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufacture.

All these components make the watch very high quality, noble and feminine on the one hand, but on the other hand they show historical influences, representing Colorado in all its glory. A very successful and limited art object inspired by international culture.