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Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur

Jubilee: 25 Years of Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Manufacture


„Alexander Shorokhoff“ will be 25

On the 10th of September 2017 the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture celebrates their 25th anniversary.

Company founder, executive director and designer Alexander Shorokhov successfully established his global operating luxury brand from Alzenau, as mall idyllic town in Bavaria. From its very humble beginnings, the company has now become an international and desirable brand for watch lovers from around the globe.

This success is celebrated on the occasion of the jubilee – in Alzenau, in Germany and with business partners all over the world.

Four eventful steps distinguished the success story of Alexander Shorokhov.

I. 1992 – 1994 The beginning


Alexander Shorokhov had a clear concept for starting a sales company for “Poljot” watches in Frankfurt/Main in 1992.

He was sure that such an “exotic“ brand could serve as an ambassador for peace from the „new open Russia” and would evoke a lot of curiosity and attention in the West European countries. Mechanical watch movements, a good price-performance-ration and an unusual design would guarantee popularity and good sales.

In a short time he succeeded in establishing the brand “Poljot“ as a synonym for Russian watches on the West European market.

II. 1994 – 2002 Personal responsibility


Soon, Alexander Shorokhov realized that only selling the watches “Poljot“ is not enough for him. Quickly he set himself a new target: to produce mechanical watches under a new name and with higher standards of workmanship, quality and design.

Together with a team of specialized watch makers he opened a small manufactory in order to create his first own watch collection. The new patented brand „Poljot-International“ was born.

He produced watches for the Russian Patriarch Alexius-II, the first Russian president Michail Gorbatshov and the Russian cosmonaut Leonov. The watch model “Polar Bear“ even traveled to the North Pole with the icebreaker “Yamal“.

During this period, Alexander Shorokhov began to refine the movements of his watches. Special polishing, gold plating of bridges and the application of polished or blued screws became a trademark of Shorokhovs‘ watches. As early as 1995 he used see-through glass for the watch backs in order to make the beauty of the movements visible.

III. 2002 – 2011 Consolidation


After the success with his brand in the middle price segment, Alexander Shorokhov thought about creating a new luxury watch brand. His goal was that his creations play in the same league as the noble brands of Switzerland or Glashütte. The watches should be of German precision and on the highest level in regards to aesthetics and decoration. The Russian soul of the watches distinguished it from the others brands.

In 2002 it was time. He patented the brand under his own name “Alexander Shorokhoff“ and created his first collection of luxury watches named ”Heritage“. This collection is dedicated to great Russian artists like Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Pushkin.

Every detail of the design was carefully worked out. The aim was a harmonious connection between case, dial, hands, movement and strap. Alexander Shorokhov was gaining recognition as a quiet sensitive watch designer.

IV. 2011 until today. Recognition


The recognition followed immediately after the presentation of the new „Avantgarde“-collection in 2011.
The time was just right to launch a collection to the market of luxury watches, a collection uniting all facets of self-confident, independent and modern personalities, a collection that transfers these characteristics into a new and extraordinary language of colors and forms.

It expresses an individual, unmistakable design language, being without any parallel in the world of watch design. The design plays with abstract forms and colors, breaking up and renewing visual habits. Shorokhov counts on the power of the abstract perception – the Russian supremacism.

All watch designs follow a clear creative design and fit perfectly into the company’s history. With his fascinating pieces of art for the wrist, Alexander Shorokhov succeeded in revolutionizing the world of watches and made his creations unforgettable.