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30 years of "Alexander Shorokhoff"!

The “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufactory celebrates its anniversary! On September 10, 2022, the family-run manufactory, which is known and appreciated worldwide for its high-quality and artistic creations for the wrist, will be 30 years old.

Company founder, CEO and designer Alexander Shorokhov, starting from the picturesque town of Alzenau in Bavaria, has not only successfully established his luxury watch brand worldwide, but has also created his own artful niche in the watch market. From small beginnings, it has now become a desirable and exceptional brand with great appreciation for watch lovers around the world.
How courage, an idea and great emotions became reality:

I. 1992 – 1994: The beginning


Alexander Shorokhov already had clear ideas when he founded a distribution company in Frankfurt am Main in 1992: mechanical movements, a fair price-performance ratio, an unusual design, guaranteed popularity as well as good sales figures. In 1993, he established the brand “Poljot” as a synonym for Russian watches on the Western market.

II. 1994 – 2002: Personal responsibility


In 1994, with a selected team of master watchmakers, he opened a small watch workshop, to which he brought his talent as a designer and launched his first own collection under the newly patented brand “Poljot-International”. It was at this time that the watch movements were for the first time decoratively finished and quality control was introduced. Alexander Shorokhov then developed a special quality system up to the final inspection, in which each master watchmaker is responsible for each watch he produces, which continues to this day.

III. 2002 – 2011: Consolidation


In 2002 Alexander Shorokhov patented the brand “Alexander Shorokhoff” under his own name and built his first luxury collection “Heritage”, which was dedicated to great Russian artists such as Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Pushkin. The goal from the beginning was to produce small limited series with artistic ambition, which quickly became an insider tip in Germany among watch enthusiasts. By participating in the watch fair “Baselworld”, the brand was introduced to a wide audience. Thus the first enthusiastic distributors in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA could be won.

IV. 2011 until today. Recognition


The great recognition came with the “Avantgarde” collection presented in 2011, a collection on the luxury watch market that takes all facets of self-confident, independent, modern art and culture and translates this into a new revolutionary watch design with a unique color and form language. A. Shorokhov thus created his own niche in the watch market: “Art on theWrist”! This independence and distinctiveness has brought Alexander Shorokhov various design awards every year since 2014.

V. 2022: 30 Years of "Alexander Shorokhoff"

For the thirtieth anniversary of the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufactory, a lot is already planned.
In addition to the unique and creative anniversary models, which will be promoted throughout the year, the manufactory is planning, as is customary for artists, personal exhibitions with the brand “Alexander Shorokhoff”. Of course, the founder of the company Alexander Shorokhov will also be there in person. These exhibitions are expected to take place in Berlin, Vienna, Moscow and New York. In addition, some exciting manufactory events will take place directly on site in Alzenau with the press, watch bloggers and end consumers to give all enthusiastic watch lovers a look behind the scenes of the manufactory.

However, the special feature of the anniversary year 2022 will be something else. Alexander Shorokhov unfolds his artistic vein into top-class unique pieces. Extravagantly and quite exclusively only for the anniversary year, he is designing a total of 30 unique one-of-a-kind pieces with a limitation of only one piece! These unique pieces will not only be unique and very creative, but also fully live up to the brand philosophy of producing limited works of art.

Entirely under the motto “UNIQUE0, where the  “E” symbolically stands for the inverted number “3”, everything revolves around the anniversary year.

Entirely under the motto “UNIQUE0, where the  “E” symbolically stands for the inverted number “3”, everything revolves around the anniversary year.

The first model of the anniversary collection “UNIQUE0, is called “Orange Horse – AS.Uniqu30.1”. Many world-famous painters, especially painters of the avant-garde style, have dealt with the theme of the horse. For example Franz Marc with the “Blue Horse I” or Pablo Picasso with his world-famous “Guernica” or also Wassily Kandinsky with the “Abstract Horse”.

These unique and artistic one-off pieces will be presented for the first time in mid-January 2022 and promoted throughout the year. It should be noted that all upcoming models of the “UNIQUE0 collection will always be available for purchase online on a Thursday at 12 noon. The uniqueness and exceptional creativity of these models, as well as the models available subsequently, will certainly increase the value of these watches and should therefore be considered as an investment object. For who knows whether these “art objects” for the wrist will not one day achieve similarly high prices as Kandinsky, Klimt or Picasso today.

You can already look forward to an exceptionally creative and exciting anniversary year with unprecedented and outstandingly artistic watch models from “Alexander Shorokhoff”. Join the watch manufactory on its journey into the “unexpected”.

30 years of “Alexander Shorokhoff”, a great milestone for the family-run watch manufactory from the idyllic Bavarian village of Alzenau.